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Saturday, January 1, 2011

It begins now...

Helllllooooo 2011!  A really good wine is yummy, isn't it?  A beautiful yarn is also yummy, although I'm not sure the two are a good mix as I knit the Honey Cowl, HA!  But I'll know for certain after a few pattern repeats.
Today was a beautiful day as I volunteered to be a tour guide for our guests from out of town.  From the Ice Skating Rink in Rockefeller Center, to the snow melting piers of Long Island City and the Roosevelt Island tour and tram discussion, I was able to see parts of NYC with fresh eyes, paying close attention to every detail.  Speaking of detail, I also engaged in some Lego how Legos have evolved! I'd forgotten just how fun they were!  Check this out:
Like the detail crucial to building such intricate sculptures found at the Lego store, I am present and connected to living life to the fullest.  It begins now.

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