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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's the 'year of the 1's'...not setting a resolution this special 'year of firsts' seems almost unusual.  However, statistics show that approximately 8% of the people that set resolutions for the new year successfully reach them.  It is no surprise that many people have given up on setting a New Year's resolution all together.

That being said, perhaps it may be one's focus that needs to change.  Rather than focusing on a goal (i.e., to lose 20 lbs), one may have better success at focusing on a theme (i.e., wellness), stating your intention regarding it and then going a step further by visualizing what that looks like.   Having a broader focus as opposed to one specific goal in mind just may be the key to success as suggested in the book, Goal-Free Living: How to Have the Life You Want NOW!

My intentions for 2011 are relaxation and simplification.  Sure, I'd like to travel across the world experiencing top notch accommodations and sampling the yummiest of foods.  However, in reality, an example of what relaxation would look like for me in 2011 is:
  • Knitting every day.  Whether it's simply a few rows when I arise or before I retire each day, or a quick 2 hr project, each day I have the opportunity to knit is a very good day.
  • Spending 30 minutes each day in silent reflection and gratitude.
  • Let it go.  Don't try to force the outcome, control uncontrollable situations or try to make people behave (ok people, I need you to work with me on this one).
  • Staying present.  By staying present, there's less room for worry and feelings of anxiety.
An example of what simplification would look like for me is:
  • Clearing out the clutter.  If I don't use it, wear it, want it or need it, give it to someone who could.  This task alone might take me more than half of the year to accomplish, so I'll stop there :-)
Are these resolutions intentions realistic and attainable?  Absolutely.  I am resolved to simplify my life, put my feet up and relax. These are my intentions.


  1. I love this blog! It is so inspirational and creative. Writing is one of my passions and I don't dedicate time to it much anymore. Your initiative has inspired me. SMOOCHES!!

  2. Thank you Citrinelady, Your comment captures the very experience that I would want readers to have. Blogger is currently performing routine maintenance but hopefully it'll be up and running again in the morning so that I may post more yummy content. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. Be well.

  3. Your blog is coming along quite lovely my Sister. I will make it my business to visit daily.

  4. Hey Donna,
    This blog was a breath of fresh air. made me also kick up my feet and relax right in the middle of a hectic work day..and it felt awesome!!

  5. Thank you for your comment Stacy.

  6. Thank you Miss G, you certainly deserve it!

  7. "And now friends, the beginning of our great venture. And might we possibly fail to meet the heights of our grand expectations?

    Never! For may all that is righteous
    ever guide us on our quest for the finer and the finest, for the wondrous and the ever more wonderful!" - from The Tempest- William Shakespeare.

    Ok, not really Shakespeare, I just made that quote up. But that's actually my real wish for your blog.You are so original and real, I predict many regular readers, including myself.

    Btw- this year,I intend to stop making phony quotes.

  8. Erick?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OMG, thanks for the laugh, you've certainly made my day. You may want to start your own blog someday, you'd have lots of content that's for sure! I Love it!

  9. What a great blog. I read each entry posted so far and each one made me smile.

    I also love your Intentions rather than Resolutions take on things.

    Keep up the great blog! I look forward to reading more posts~ :)

  10. Thanks for your comment Rinda in Brooklyn! More posts and smiles soon to come, stay tuned!