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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's BBQ'ing Time Again!

August 18th:  We always look forward to our family and friends BBQ.  This year we had approximately 80 or so that graced us with their presence.  For far too many reasons to list, it was the best one yet!  Among the usual suspects were some new faces that came through which proved to be the recipe for a grand ol' time!

There were organized activities for kids such as 3 legged races, Marshmellow Madness, Volley Ball, etc.  There were also activities for adults, but many activities we simply didn't get around to since waaaaay too much eating, drinking and dancing got in the darn way!  LOL

The night before was sooo much fun, as a Ravelry friend showed my mom and I how to use a spindle, and then she and I stayed up until 2 a.m. as she gave me a crash course in hand dyeing yarn!  Talk about fun!

The 2:00 am Yarn Dyeing Project...Thanks Lyse!

Special thanks to all of the contributors that helped make the BBQ a success, from the fabulous cooks of the family, or those that contributed gifts of food or simply lent a helping hand to set up or clean up,  to the kiddie activity coordinators and to our DJ for keeping us rocking until the lights went out!  Thanks to those who drove one hour, two hours, three hours, and yes, even five hours just to come show their love and thanks last but not least, mom and dad for letting us party in your yard another year.

Until next year, MWUAH!  Love y'all!

A Frog that invited himself to the BBQ!

Summer's First BBQ in PA

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cobb, Mac n' Cheese....YUM!

Baked Ziti, Jollof Rice, and Hot Wings Too!

Seafood Pasta Salad & Cole Slaw

Big Mike, AKA 'Punisher'  Drinks anyone? LOL!

Jermaine & Mike

Kenny the Grill Master!


The Clyde'ster

Mom, Cousins Yvette & Jonelle

Cousin Kyle

My Ravelry Buddy & Penpal Lyse

Big Kev

Mike & Felix

The Captains Table


Aunt Chris

The Shady Tree Crew

Cousins Yvette & Jonelle


Mekhi, Skylar & Kristin

Evette & Jermaine

Joy & Summer

F/L/R: Skylar, Mike, Autum, Angel, Mekhi

Jasmine & Brenda

The Judges Table: Diane & Daughter, Geri & Evelyn

The Grass Cutters

Bartender Kevin with Drunkards Roger, James &Jonelle

DJ Booth:  Reggie, Ron & Campbell

The Clean Up Crew

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