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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping Trip To Niagara Falls - Take #2

The highlight of Day 3 was a visit to the Niagara Falls State Park.  The grounds were simply beautiful and provided a constant refreshing mist from the falls.  Sometimes the mist was very light, and at times it was umbrella worthy.  Whenever the mist arrived, it was always welcomed since the sun was very hot.  The attractions at the park blew us away...literally. 

Notice how the ladies are always ready for a photo opp? 

Cave of the Winds is an awe-inspiring experience, simply put.  Tour takers are given a pair of water shoes and a yellow, the shoes aren't the cutest, but they're not optional either.  They could make nifty souvenirs I suppose.  I happened to note they carried shoes up to size 17!!!   Next, we entered an elevator that lowered us 175 feet deep into the gorge...Yikes.   Then there's the hike, first down, down, down on a winding staircase alongside the  falls, then up, up, up.  The higher we climbed, the more soaked we became.   Be careful though, there's all kind of moss growing on the steps and the handrails, so its quite slippery when wet.   And you could forget about carrying on a conversation.  The waterfall is quite noisy, powerful, and amazing!

Mekhi, Mike & Skylar on the Hurricane Deck

Feeling the mist already
Next up was a ride on the Maid of the Mist, an unforgettable boat ride, not to mention the oldest attraction in the country (since the 1800's).  We were given yet another souvenir poncho, yay!  As we entered the boat I wondered how'd I be able to take photos without ruining my iPhone, our only source of photo taking.

This attraction really packs in the 'WOW' by providing picturesque views that simply can't be captured on film.  As the boat enters the mouth of horseshoe falls I think about how appreciative I am of our captain's skill and expertise at calculating the water's current and knowing just how close to the edge is safe (or not) and then knowing when to turn the darn boat around.  I clutched my pearls a number of times on this one.  My poor iPhone, forgive me for exposing you to such levels of danger, LOL!

We survived Maid of the Midst

Rainbows are plentiful throughout Niagara Falls

Top o' the rock

Just a moment while I take all of this in...

Up next...viewing the falls from Canada.  So many have said that you haven't seen the falls until you've seen them from the Canadian side.  We decide to see for ourselves and decide to cross the border on day 4 of our trip...


  1. The pictures are amazing!!! I bet the children thought this was a great vacation!!

  2. They most certainly did, unbeknownst to them, it was also the cheapest! LOL Aren't children the great? When it comes to children and having fun, they tend to go for the thrill (as in experience), not the kill(as in wallet)!