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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping Trip To Niagara Falls - Take #3

We begin our fourth day at the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center where we learned all sorts of fun facts about the Gorge, when and how it was formed and the types of rock found at different levels within the gorge.

As I reflect back on the week, the thought of all of the friendly people we encountered during this trip warms my heart.  From the camper who offered us 5 Hershey Bars to make up for the 2 we left behind at home in the fridge so that we could make S'mores, and the couple who shared half a watermelon with us and left us the world's largest roll of paper towel as they were packing up to return home, and the two school teacher moms who supplied us with ice cold beers and live worms when Mike supplied four of their children with Ghana style fishing rods similar to Skylar's later invited us over for more S'mores, and how could we forget the dad with 4 children from Mississippi who asked if he could use our campfire to make MORE S'MORES, LOL, and our favorites...Rob and Dottie along with their two chihuahuas who gave us a tour of their beautiful RV home.  Dottie is a fellow crafter and bestowed upon me some beautiful gifts of yarn, fabric and batting for quilting, RV magazines and a series of books for reading!  Dottie, you spoil me, MWUAH!

Notice the 100 step staircase (106 steps according to Mekhi) nutty children ran up then and back down again

Observation Deck from the Skylon Tower

Devil's Hole State Park

Nasty, Nasty Children

So, the verdict is in...the view of the falls is far better from the Canadian side.  This was partly due to the vantage point from which we were able to physically stand, both to view and photograph the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls while on the Canadian side.  The view from Canada is a much more panoramic view, were as on the U.S. side we felt our view was limited to a specific angle depending on what we wanted to was as if we could never get close enough to get a shot that would capture it all.  However, while on the U.S. side we had no clue as to what we were missing...until we crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and then the border...whoa! 

Canada is beauuuutiful!  Aside from the cleanliness of Niagara Falls, the ambiance of this Southern Ontario city is almost magical at nightfall and reminded us of our first Disney experience.  There are high rise hotels, casinos and floral gardens that would make Martha Stewart jealous!  Clifton Hill is a street that is jam packed with excitement, reminding us of our very own Times Square, only much more compact and cleaner.  Then at 8pm the light show begins.  Talk about spectacular!  Strangely enough, I wasn't able to capture the photos from the light show, they simply didn't photograph well, but to the naked eye the rainbow of colors is truly a sight to see.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Green Lights

Yellow Lights

Purple Lights
Next stop...The Niagara Falls Aquarium!

Noooo, we can't take him home!

Mekhi makes friends with a Penguin

There is so much more to see, so when we return we'll have another adventurous itinerary lined up.  From a short distance we could the Whirlpool Aero Car, which travels across the rapids in an antique cable car, we also walked past Journey Behind the Falls which allows you to travel through a tunnel behind the falls.  There is also a Botanical Gardens, Marine Land and on the way back across the border we bypassed Bird Kingdom...the list of things to do in the mighty Niagara Falls is endless.


  1. I love that you met a fellow crafter on your vacation. It's always nice to talk shop.
    The pictures are beautiful! Great that you had such nice camp neighbors. Maybe I'll get to visit Canada next year.

  2. Wow, I didn't even know Nigeria had such a waterfall. You'd think Joyce would have told me. And it's all so beautiful! And...oh, Niagara Falls.

    Never mind.

  3. @ Citrinelady: Thank you for your comment. I was over the moon that I had met such a sweet crafter! Definitely visit the falls when you get the chance.

    @ E: Silly Rabbit...must you always crack me up when you comment? LOL! Hilarious, you may want to brush up on your geography just a tad bit. ROFL!!!

  4. Can you take me next time? I'd need to stay in Dottie's RV though lol.